Dadi Janki


DADI JANKI is the administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris and a world-renowned spiritual leader.

She travels worldwide, teaching and sharing her wisdom and deep knowledge of the science of spirituality. Driven by her vision of a better world, Dadi Janki has dedicated  her life to the upliftment of humanity. More

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Jewel of Light

Prajapita Brahma

Dadi Prakashmaniji... Endowed with divinity, Dadi Prakashmani had attained spiritual elevation, having traversed the infinite path of yog-sadhana(spiritual efforts).....




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The Cycle of Time

The world has been in existence since eternity and it will continue to be eternal. The world was neither created anytime before nor will it get destroyed later, because matter can neither be created nor destroyed, it only undergoes transformation from one form to another. More...

Awards & Recognitions

Various establishments and institutions across the world have recognized the selfless service of Brahma Kumaris which has been working for world peace and upliftment of humanity. Some are mentioned here.

Mental Tensions

Mental tension is the cause of the crimes in the world. Many diseases are also due to psychological imbalance, nervous strain and hypertension. In order to feel relaxed, some people, now-a-days, take tranquilisers, smoke marijuana or use LSD drugs but this does not provide them with a lasting relief. More...

Why Meditation?

Every human being in this world aspires for peace and happiness. Happiness and peace have less to do with gross objects; they refer to states. Moreover, there is another kind of experience, which is the highest and is independent of worldly objects and senses. It is called Bliss. More...